February 24, 2010
I belive this pump could lift the fuel of your kell tanck . The price is high a smal electricaql pump cust $50.00
I own a Tanton 39 Catketch early version of your the skert was added after the hull was build.
  One of the highlights of my recent trip to Miami was getting to meet Jeremy Wurmfeld, a young, personable designer who is co-founder (with Robbie Doyle of Doyle Sails) of e Sailing Yachts. I was hoping to sail with Jeremy aboard his e33, the sweet-looking daysailer he and Robbie introduced a few years back,...
It turns out Google Books has all the old Life magazines available for viewing (as well as Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, etc.). The article from the magazine shown at the beginning of this post is at Now, if we could just get the old issues Yachting and The Rudder available. That’d make some interesting...



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