October 2019
Oct. 21/2019: I was in New York City last Thursday after test-sailing boats in Annapolis and stopped in to see this show. All I can say is: WOW! Reid was there to greet me, first time I’d seen him live and in-person since we sailed up New York Harbor together on his schooner Anne after he completed...
Oct. 12/2019: Just back from Phase One of my annual boat show dive in Nap Town. The most interesting new boat I saw there by far is the Eagle Class 53 (see image up top), a foiling (there’s that word again) all-carbon catamaran with a “hybrid” wing-sail rig. Coincidentally, I saw this very same boat...
Oct. 11/2019: Since visiting the America’s Cup 36 scene last month to glimpse the launching of the first new foiling monohull AC75, I’ve noticed three more AC75s have launched, and lo, they have gone airborne too. The first to fly was American Magic’s Defiant (up top), which was launched soon after Team New Zealand’s Te...



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