January 2021
Jan. 29/2021:  I swear, I really did. Some 20 years ago, after I bought a Celesticomp nav calculator to save me from the misery of pawing through sight reduction tables when I used my sextant, I had a really cool idea. Why not install a celestial nav calculator and an accurate quartz clock in the...
Jan. 15/2021:  This has never happened before. Usually at this point in a Vendée Globe, with the lead boats well around Cape Horn and sailing back up the South Atlantic toward home, there is one boat well out in front with another perhaps a few hundred miles behind hoping for a lucky break. But this...
Jan. 8/2021:  I feel a bit invested in this situation, as I sailed Lunacy past the overturned hull of the 656-foot car carrier Golden Ray in the fall of 2019, not long after she capsized in St. Simons Sound in Georgia. It was… and still is… a very impressive sight as the St. Simons Sound...



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