September 2020
Sept. 22/2020:  I ventured forth again alone on Lunacy last week, starting on Tuesday, on a special mission. Sailing away from Portland that afternoon I couldn’t help but note the hazy sky to the west, which was, so my radio informed me, due to smoke blown clear across the continent from the rampant wildfires in...
Sept. 14/2020:  I’m surprised it has taken this long. The species Orcinus orca, popularly known as killer whales, the largest of oceanic dolphins, have decided they are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Since July orcas have made a number of organized attacks against sailing vessels off the Spanish coast, repeatedly...
Sept. 9/2020:  After bringing Lunacy back north back in late May I did during June and July run several short two- or three-day solo jaunts out of Portland, just around Casco Bay. These were certainly enjoyable, but not at all remarkable, so I have not bothered to memorialize them here on the blog. I’ve spent...



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