June 2020
June 26/2020: I realize now I am one of the lucky ones. First, I haven’t died of Covid-19, like my old friend Patrick Childress. (I did perhaps suffer through a very mild case back in early February, but so far I haven’t been able to confirm this.) Second, I didn’t take my boat down to...
June 8/2020: Major bad news today as I caught word early this morning that an old friend of mine, Patrick Childress, passed away in a hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, a victim of Covid-19. I first met Patrick in the late ‘90s when I was living in Newport, RI, during my time at Cruising...
June 1/2020: I am sure you all remember Adam “Cuddles” Cort, my colleague from SAIL (above), who helped sail Lunacy north from Bermuda to New England last year. Fortunately for me, Adam had agreed to join the boat in the Cape May for part two of this year’s northbound trek from Georgia. Fortunately for him,...



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