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I belive you use a sealant on to bottom of tre skeg to seal the 4 bolts holding the plate in place.
I belive this pump could lift the fuel of your kell tanck . The price is high a smal electricaql pump cust $50.00
I own a Tanton 39 Catketch early version of your the skert was added after the hull was build.
It turns out Google Books has all the old Life magazines available for viewing (as well as Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, etc.). The article from the magazine shown at the beginning of this post is at Now, if we could just get the old issues Yachting and The Rudder available. That’d make some interesting...
I found your report on the sinking of the school-ship Concordia 500 miles off the coast of Brazil a sad demonstration of prejudice and xenofobia. The rescue of all the passengers of the ship by Brazilians, who indeed suffered no injuries, was praised profusely by Canadian authorities and diplomats, including the Canadian ambassador in Brazil....
Damn, access to ESPN360 depends on who your ISP is. Even Time Warner doesn’t cut it, let alone Fairpoint Communications.
Charles, Thank you for visiting our blog and making a comment! We will definitely be looking to your site for tips and tricks! My husband is enjoying the boat so much and it is really changing our lives! So happy to be a First Mate, Lauren
We are quoting your website on our blog! We are 30 something professionals who are just getting into sailing. We are engineer and poet first, learning to sail! We will continue to check your site for great tips and tricks. We invite you to visit our blog: cheers, captain and crew of training wheels...



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