{youtubejw width="500" height="350"}87xUt9oIfZI{/youtubejw} In case you had't noticed, the staff at the British sailing comic Yachting Monthly have been having some fun over the past year torturing a 40-foot Jeanneau Sun Fizz to death. The denouement, featured in this BBC news report, came earlier this month when they blew the boat up with propane gas.
Editor's note: Later this fall I'll be crewing on a boat in the Caribbean 1500 cruising rally, which departs from Hampton, Virginia, on November 7. The prospect has me recalling the last 1500 I sailed in, way back in 1998, when the rally fleet had a serious run-in with Hurricane Mitch. It was a very...
Yikes. Things are getting grim out there. Just last week I blogged about the tragic Emma Goldman disaster, wherein a young 25-year-old woman lost her dad at sea. Now comes word that another young woman, Canadian Myda Egrmajer, 24, got to see her dad, Milan Egrmajer, 58, shot and killed by a gang of thieves who...



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