ultrasonic antifouling
Lunacy was hauled for the winter on Friday, which means at last I have answers and evidence to share with the several people who've been asking me about the Ultrasonic Antifouling system I installed toward the end of the season last year. When Lunacy was hauled last year, after two months with the Ultrasonic unit...
Only a boatowner could view an image like this as being orgasmic. You'll recall I'm testing some gear sent over from Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd. in the UK--in-hull transducers that go clickety-click 24-7 and supposedly prevent nasty critters from growing on Lunacy's hull. Well… Lunacy got hauled a couple of weeks ago after two months in...
One nice perk of this boat scribe game is that manufacturers are often willing to loan you kit to test on your boat. Sometimes you aren't really interested in the gear, but agree to test it anyway just to be polite. Other times you are dying to get your hands on it, as you are...



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