sailing women
March 8/2024:  I’ve been AWOL on the boat for the past month, with an antique laptop that can’t wrangle posts here anymore, so I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting this space. I’ll catch you up on my own adventures in just a bit, but first we need to discuss a couple of recent events that strike...
Feb. 2/2023:  I’ve been waiting since the 1990s, when I developed a crush of sorts on Isabelle Autissier, for a woman to win an around-the-world solo sailing race. A tantalizing prospect! This is the toughest, most extreme sport there is, but it is also that great rarity—a sport where women and men compete against each...
Here's a bit of holiday inspiration for those of you thinking of blowing off the rat race to go cruising. Nike Steiger, a 32-year-old German woman, recently quit her marketing job, bought a 37-foot aluminum Reinke Super 10, and has been fitting it out for an open-ended adventure that may (or may not) take her...



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