Penobscot Bay
Even in this age of push-button electronic navigation, it's not too hard to hit the bricks when cruising the Maine coast. The photo up top is of Archangel, a Hylas 70 on charter that hit some rocks in Penobscot Bay near Lasell Island on Wednesday. Reportedly, they were under sail at the time, sailing east...
ALTHOUGH THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SPOTS on the coast, I haven't been here in almost 10 years. All that time I have been dreaming of coming back. On the chart it doesn't look like anything special--just another tiny uninhabited islet in the small archipelago that stretches around the southern end of Vinalhaven Island...
Not long after Lunacy got back in the water with her new Ultrasonic Antifouling system, fresh bottom paint, and a few other goodies (like a new stereo!), Clare and I at last managed to take almost a whole week off to embark on a short cruise together sans children. We'd been trying to organize this...



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