Paul Larsen
PBS has aired and released its great three-part video series, Chasing Shackleton, which follows the exploits of five modern-day adventurers as they seek to recreate Ernest Shackleton's amazing small-boat voyage from Antarctica to South Georgia Island in 1916. Follow this link here, and you can watch all three 1-hour episodes for free. Don't dawdle! I'd...
I WAS BUSY messing around with my own boat back in November, so failed to note the fantastic achievement of Paul Larsen, who finally, after 11 years of work, succeeded in smashing the world sailing speed record in Vestas Sailrocket 2. By now everyone knows the number: 65.45 knots. That was Sailrocket's average speed over...
If you're looking for a niche of the web with some current live-action sailing exotica, I recommend you start checking in at sailrocket.com. The VESTAS Sailrocket team is down on the "Speed Spot" in Wallis Bay, Namibia, with version two of their weird proa, looking to steal the outright world sailing speed record from the...



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