THIS IS ONE BOAT that really jumped out at me when I was cruising the docks at the Strictly Sail portion of the Miami International Boat Show after doing my bit judging the NMMA Innovation Awards. I first spotted it bow on (see photo up top) and immediately noticed its narrow hulls, high bridgedeck clearance,...
I'M JUST BACK from SoBe, where I served this week as a volunteer on the NMMA Innovation Awards judging panel. My fellow judges and I, led by Der Panel Fuehrer Zuzana Prochazka, first spent two days dodging forklifts and golf carts as we ran around interrogating innocent flacks and techs who were trying to set...
Though it's not the greatest venue for sailboats, the Miami International Boat Show is normally my favorite show to attend simply because it offers a fantastic excuse to visit Miami Beach in February. It's also the only show I go to regularly that exposes me to the mainstream boating market. It's always useful to get...



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