marine salvage
June 22/2022:  We need some closure on this, I think. I twice transited the wreck site where the 656-foot car carrier Golden Ray lay on its side in St. Simons Sound in Georgia—first in November 2019, just two months after the giant brick of a ship capsized. Then again in May 2020, as I departed...
Jan. 8/2021:  I feel a bit invested in this situation, as I sailed Lunacy past the overturned hull of the 656-foot car carrier Golden Ray in the fall of 2019, not long after she capsized in St. Simons Sound in Georgia. It was… and still is… a very impressive sight as the St. Simons Sound...
I've been posting a bit lately about abandoned boats, and my SAILfeed colleague Clark Beek has rightly pointed out that it is high time I bloviated on the subject of salvage rights. Many people believe that if you find an abandoned boat it automatically belongs to you, and yes, I intentionally played into and exploited...



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