This is very cool, IMHO. An accelerated four and a half minute animation, courtesy of NOAA, that depicts the entire 2011 hurricane season as viewed by one of NASA's GOES satellites. One thing that strikes me as I watch this is how beautiful and striking the Bahamas are when viewed from space. They also look great...
For a while, as I watched things unfold yesterday, online and driving down the New Hampshire coast, I thought I might well be writing something here about how totally over-hyped this storm was. But now, one day after, listening to reports on NPR about all the damage done inland by flooding in Vermont and upstate...
Boat owners all up and down the Eastern seaboard are scratching their heads over this beautiful ball of wind and rain. When I first started obsessively ogling her early yesterday, the forecast was extremely grim. Her projected track had her grazing Cape Hatteras at Category 3 strength, passing east of New Jersey and Long Island...



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