April 4/2024:  I pimped this baby in print in the April 2024 issue of SAIL (that copy also was just posted on SAIL’s website), but now my enthusiasm is bubbling over here on to WaveTrain. I ended up cruising the Caribbean this winter using ePropulsion’s electric Spirit 1.0 Plus as my primary dinghy outboard, and...
I’ve been studying the specs on this new Offshore Cruising Tender (see image above), which was developed by Russell and Karin Carlyon, a Kiwi cruising couple who evidently often found themselves pining for a better dinghy during their 7-year circumnavigation. We can only presume this represents their idea of “the perfect dinghy,” which is, of...
ATTENTION EARTH PEOPLE! As I write this I am approaching Bermuda, blasting along but 70 miles out on what seems a perpetual close reach, due for a landing sometime in the wee hours tomorrow, of which more later. What I really want to spout off about right now are inflatable tenders. I was thinking about...



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