June 25/2024:  It’s not often I become an “early adopter” of anything, much less navigation electronics. But this is a bit of kit I was seriously curious about. I’ve never been a fan of having a chartplotter permanently mounted in a cockpit, for various reasons, but mostly because I’d rather focus on what’s around me...
I've been hustling a bit to get ready for this jaunt to Nova Scotia, which starts Monday. As noted earlier, I've been fretting about the charts. Thanks to Landfall Navigation, I now have all my paper charts in hand, plus tide tables and a 2014 Nautical Alamanac, just in case the world as we know...
QUIZ ANY CURMUDGEON these days on the subject of proper wayfinding and you'll soon find yourself reefed down in a gale of conventional wisdom about the importance of paper charts, compass bearings, dead reckoning, sextants, and the like. But what curmudgeons tend to forget, as they rail on about how modern nav tools are corrupting...



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