bluewater sailboat
March 3/2020: This is such a cool boat! I have seen and admired her for many years, crossing paths with her both in Bermuda and in Nevis, and last spring at last had a chance to spend some quality time with her owners, Steve and Irene Macek. Now comes word that the famous schooner Star...
The Tayana 37 is the most successful of the many Taiwan-built double-ended full-keel cruisers that were conceived in the mid-1970s in the wake of the great success of the Westsail 32. Designed by Bob Perry and originally marketed as the CT 37 when first introduced in 1976, over 600 Tayana 37s have since been built....
  That ugly thing you see here labelled GALE, right under New England, is why I decided to abort my attempt to bring Lunacy home from Bermuda this week. Back when I lived on the boat I was cruising this wouldn't have been a wrenching decision. There are, after all, worse fates in life than...



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