bareboat charter
Loyal WaveTrain riders have perhaps been alarmed, or at least puzzled, by the scurrilous and incoherent diatribes posted here of late. This is what comes of allowing a pick-up bareboat charter crew to share their secret thoughts and whims with an unsuspecting public. It is left to the skipper, of course, to impose some semblance...
Dateline:  Carriacou, Grenada, at anchor next to some pissy Germans. (Guest post courtesy of Seth J. Lapidow, Esq.) First of all, we are not too close.  Charlie knows what he is doing and just because we are in a charter vessel does not mean we are idiots.  But that is not the point of this...
I'm remembering that famous line from The Treasure of Sierra Madre: "Keels? We don't need no stinking keels!" And, apparently, you don't. Not all the time anyway. For proof of this I offer into evidence the eyebrow-raising tale of Polbream, a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37 in charter service in Falmouth, England. As documented in recent...



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