Alberg 35
I HAVEN'T SEEN this boat in person, but from the photos on this Craigslist listing it looks to be in very good condition... and the asking price is just $11K! She's got recent Awlgrip on her topsides, a recently rebuilt freshwater-cooled Atomic-4 engine, a new water tank, a new prop, and a new stuffing box....
It staggers me to think that in just a few short years my old fiberglass yawl Crazy Horse (built in 1964) will be half a century old. She's been fortunate in that she's had owners who have continually maintained and upgraded her. When I owned her, back when she was merely 30 years old, I...
  I have long marveled at how light some of the hardware found beneath a sailboat's mainsheet tackle can be. Here you see the decidedly fragile swivel that previously secured the bottom end of Lunacy's mainsheet tackle to her traveler car. Fortunately, I detected the fracture before the bit let go altogether and all hell...



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