MAINTENANCE & SUCH: July 4 Maine Coast Mini-Cruz


July 9/2024:  I cannot pretend otherwise. My brand-new 2017 Boreal 47, Lunacy, overall winner of Cruising World’s Boat of the Year rumpus of 2018, ain’t so brand new anymore. Maintenance is inevitable… and more and more frequent these days. Case in point: the aft daggerboard control lines. I had, of course, noticed they were looking a little chewed up at key friction points. Then the cover on the starboard board’s hoisting line chafed right through as I was sailing solo across Casco Bay last week, and this seriously inhibited my ability to deploy said board when needed. So the morning after mooring in Fish House Cove off West Point, on the eastern periphery of the bay, I set to changing out the lines on both boards.

Then the day after I got to Popham Beach, the original epicenter of my boating career, I continued my regimen of servicing winches.

Sailing around from West Point, on the southwest side of the dangly Cape Small peninsula, to Popham, on the southeast side, in a rising southerly afternoon sea breeze (thank God!), I tried a new routing tactic. Sailed south around Seguin Island, both to kill time as the tide slowly but inexorably turned in my favor, from ebb to flood, and also to sharpen up my sailing angles. The end result was I sailed straight into the Kennebec River mouth on a fast close reach, just as the current went from slack to positive. A serious personal triumph of sorts. Soon afterward I was hanging from a PBBOA mooring off Fort Popham (note those very fresh daggerboard control lines!)…

…and as the sun started easing into the western horizon, I went ashore and stalked the beach and admired the house across the way that my grandparents fixed up some 90 years ago.

This was my second visit to Popham this season, and fortunately this one was more social than the last.  Wife Clare (and Baxter the dog) drove in to join as the long holiday weekend descended, and we had a fine time feasting and hanging with old friends.

Somewhere in there I tried out my new horsey boat hat, a gift from the horse-obsessed child formerly known as my daughter. (Cue the song by Lyle Lovett!)

There was also a whole bunch of fog during the holiday itself, but luckily for you I didn’t take any pictures of that.

Though I did snap this nice shot as I sailed back to Portland solo on Sunday, crossing courses with another weekend warrior as Lunacy approached Whitehead Passage.

I look forward to getting aboard for more maintenance ASAP.

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