HANSTAIGER X1: The Trimaran To End All Trimarans


April 27/2022:  No, my friends, this is not one of those “concept” yachts, where a bored designer comes up with some really fanciful, crazy idea for a boat that will never ever get built. This is a real fanciful, crazy boat that exists in the real world, and if you really want you can buy one too!

You can say a lot of uncomplimentary things about this new Hainstaiger X1. That from the outside it is phenomenally ugly. That it is nothing more than a luxuriously appointed carbon fiber brick that is grossly undercanvassed and is sure to perform like a dog. Etc. Etc. But you’d be missing the point.

The design of the boat is all about the interior.

Starting with the central deluxe feature, the main saloon, which opens directly to outside via the fold-down beach-club transom doors


Fold-down transom as seen from the outside. This is the only way to board the boat. It’s like having your driveway in your living room is one way to look at it. Or it’s like having a beach in your saloon!


This modest galley is also incorporated into the saloon area


The other side of the saloon. Yes, that’s a grand piano lurking in the corner there. One question: is it bolted down???


That magnificent stairway you see in the previous photo leads up to this flybridge cockpit space, where you can sail or drive the boat


All sail controls are push button, with a furling main and jib run via captive winches belowdeck. If the sails seem a bit too vestigial, you can opt for just the powerboat version


Master stateroom, with a cozy snuggling nook right in the bow. No need for an anchor or rode up there, as the anchor is mounted under the hull, submarine-style. (Frankly, until I studied this boat I didn’t even know submarines carried anchors!)


For more detail on this amazing vessel, I urge to study these videos.

The first gives you a more pornographic look at the interior and also shows the boat sailing. You’ll note when it’s sailing that it hobbyhorses an awful lot. They’re looking at designing stabilizers to neutralize that habit.

The second video takes you into the systems, which, amazingly, are mostly located in the amas!

The third tells you more about the man behind this project and the design and construction generally.



And, like I said, all this can be yours… for somewhere around 5 million euros.

It’s whole megayacht inside a 64-foot multihull. Viewed from that perspective it’s a downright bargain.


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