STARBOARD!!!: When J’s Collide


March 17/2020: This happened just before the start of Race 1 of the Antigua Superyacht Challenge on Thursday… the day before Friday the 13th, when I was trying to fly back to the U.S. from Barcelona, Spain, in the midst of this big Virus Rumpus. Some perverse consolation then: these people had a worse time than I did. Particularly that guy you see flying through the air under the bow of that big sailboat.

Yes, these J-Class boats are very large. Especially considering they are single-masted sloops. The offending vessel here, Svea, on port tack, is 143 feet long.  The aggrieved vessel, Topaz, on starboard, measures 140 feet. That’s a lot of weight getting thrown around.

This video was shot from onboard Velsheda. As you can see they get worried they too will be hit by Svea as she bears away after the collision.

Such things are bound to happen when you drive these big boys around the buoys like they’re dinghies or something.

The damage done, or at least one small part of it

Velsheda Topz and Svea Race 7 J Class worlds, Newport Rhode Islandby Don Ramey Logan

From left to right: Velsheda, Topaz, and Svea flying spinnakers without running into each other. Velsheda is a genuine vintage yacht, built in 1933. The other two have been built in the last five years

The protest report, which you can read here, is very concise and describes the injuries to both boats and people. Fortunately, there were no fatalities.

PS: Yes, I did make it home from Spain!

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    1. Charles Doane

      Hi Don: Yup. We’re OK. Staying at down in NH now, wondering when I’ll have a chance to bring the boat back from Georgia. Hope you’re well too!

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