CRASH AND CAPSIZE: Team New Zealand Flips Their Foiling AC75


Dec. 20/2019:  Someone had to do it first! And the Kiwis certainly seem pretty laid back about the whole business. This happened yesterday. Watch the viddy the team posted and you’ll see it was actually a fairly undramatic event. Their boat Te Aihe had completed a jibe and was flying its hull in about 10 knots of true wind, moving at around 30 knots, when the boat suddenly reared up, then fell down again, landing safely upright on its hull. Then, oddly, she just slowly rolled over to leeward, in spite of her windward keel and foil being fully canted outboard. I would assume this was because the foil wings on her submerged leeward keel were pitched in such a way that they dragged her down.

As you can also see the Kiwis also had no trouble righting the boat. No damage was done and they were able to immediately continue sailing.

Ultimately this was a very lucky break for Emirates Team New Zealand. They’ve learned something about how their boat can crash without actually hurting it. I bet the other teams are jealous!

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