BLOG WAR VICTORY: Linus Wilson of Slow Boat Sailing is Defeated in Court

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I know, I know. You guys have been perched on the edge of your seats for days now waiting to see how this Louisiana small-claims copyright infringement and slander lawsuit against me turned out. You may have even gone to the hearing on January 9, like I invited you to do, in which case maybe you can tell me what happened exactly. For it turns out we defendants decided not to go ourselves. After much debate we concluded plaintiff Linus Wilson’s case against us was so obviously seriously totally lame we needn’t bother. This strategy was vindicated today when the court clerk called to tell me the small-claims arbitrator has made a decision: case dismissed with prejudice.

I like those words: with prejudice.

dog court

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4 Responses
  1. John S

    Well Charlie, the outcome never seemed in doubt to me. On the other hand, I’ve seen stranger things. What a ridiculous lawsuits and waste of your time and the taxpayers money. The whole thing aggravated me and I was not even involved. Perhaps, Mr. Wilson should have been sentenced to three days on bread and water.

  2. Paul Gelder

    Libel laws were complicated enough before the internet. Common sense has prevailed. It’s good to know that “the law is not an ass”, on this occasion! This expression, of English origin, refers to “ass” as the English colloquial name for a donkey, not the American word “ass”, which could refer to … well let’s leave that behind us! Donkeys can be obstinate, so can Doane. Well done! Justice done.

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