THE SEA IS NOT FULL: Preorder Your Copy on Amazon Right Now!


Ahoy all loyal WaveTrain riders and any other persons interested in ocean sailing and marine subjects generally. This is not a drill! You really do need to BUY THIS BOOK. By yours truly. Can now be preordered at Amazon at a price much lower than I personally would like to see it selling for. (But that’s Amazon for you.) One size fits all, and it is guaranteed to open your eyes to aspects of ocean sailing you never really considered before.

This book contains:

–The scary true story behind the loss of the catamaran Be Good Too with many never-before-revealed details.

–The full story of the tragic loss of the schooner Constellation, complete with amusing and sordid anecdotes and compelling portraits of her fractious crew.

–A gripping account of a cruise up a mysterious West African river during a time of political unrest, complete with instructions on how to fertilize infertile women.

–Unique perceptions and advice regarding the magical business of crossing an ocean under sail.

–Intriguing insights into evolutionary and spiritual aspects of our long and involved relationship with the sea.

–Telling first-hand accounts of encounters and passages shared with well-known voyagers, including Don Street, Jimmy Cornell, Reid Stowe, and the infamous Poppa Neutrino.

–Poignant prose and many random bon mots.

–Cool photos.

–Great boat drawings.

–Original art.


My favorite blurb quote, from a fellow sailing writer I have great respect for, John Kretschmer, author (most recently) of Sailing A Serious Ocean:

Charles Doane’s new book, The Sea Is Not Full, is the best sailing book I’ve read in a long time. Actually, it’s more than that: it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Doane writes with clarity and brutal honesty, describing his many shipmates with Conrad-like dispassion, and his revelations of being at sea recall the spirit of Moitessier.


The book is coming out in June (a little later than we hoped). Hurry and buy it now. Supplies are limited.

Meanwhile, I’m gearing up for my seventh transatlantic voyage, in this new boat I’ve been telling you about. I’ll share more on that very soon!

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6 Responses
  1. Charlie

    @Greg: Good question. I shall have to pester the publisher about that. But this is going to be a nice book. You might want a hard copy!

  2. Andy Burton

    Ordered. Can’t wait to read it on my summer cruise! Just in case anyone needs to be told, Charlie is a very engaging and knowledgeable writer.

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