YACHTIE APPRECIATION WEEK: Good Times and New Moorings at Dominica

Prince Rupert's Bay

Attention all Caribbean cruisers! This is an event you’ll want to check out if you’re in the area. My old partner-in-crime Hank Schmitt and his organization, Offshore Passage Opportunities (OPO), have conspired with the Tourism Board of Dominica and with the Dominica Portsmouth Association of Yacht Security (PAYS) to launch the first annual Yachtie Appreciation Week (YAW) in Prince Rupert’s Bay (see photo up top) this February 14-21. During the event all visiting yachts will get free moorings and their “yachtie” crews will be eligible for discounts on island tours and will also get to enjoy some serious partying in the evenings.

My understanding is all you have to do to qualify is show up on a boat! Plus, if you’re wondering what to do afterwards, the St. Maarten Yacht Club is organizing a race/rally to feed boats from Dominica up to St. Maarten in time for the Heineken Regatta.

All this to celebrate the opening of a new mooring field in Prince Rupert’s Bay that OPO’s membership is donating to Dominica in an effort to help the island increase yacht traffic. Hank started visited Dominica several years ago and has enjoyed the place so much it has stimulated his philanthropy gland, his first effort having been a successful drive to help local “boat boy” Albert Lawrence get the materials needed to build a new boat.

Hank Schmitt

Hank in his natural element

I’m flying down in a couple of days to join Hank for this get-together so I’m hoping to see some of you down there. I’ve never been to Dominica and have always wanted to visit, as it is supposed to be one of the last “unspoiled” islands in the W’Indies.

There should be a good crowd, as the Salty Dawg Rally has put it on their calendar as a rendezvous event.

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  1. Spencer

    Wonderful Eco tours on Dominica. You won’t have to search them out, the guides will be there to greet you As you anchor or grab a mooring.

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