VOYAGING WITH KIDS: The Ultimate Guide for Cruising Families

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Lin Pardey gave me a hug and handed me a copy of this book when I saw her at Annapolis, and now I’ve finally gotten around to reading it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Of course, I do have to admit I am biased. I know and have worked with several of the people involved in creating the book–two of the authors, the publisher, and the editor–but I wouldn’t be pimping it if it wasn’t good. All these people are some of the best in the business.

I can think of many magazine articles I’ve read (and edited) over the years on this subject–how to live the cruising dream with kids in tow–but offhand I can’t think of any books. And the big problem with all those articles is they are always written by just one person, so you get a necessarily narrow perspective on what is ultimately an extremely multi-faceted subject. After all, there about as many different ways to be a cruising family as there are families out there cruising. (I am remembering, for example, a family of four I once met in the Canaries who were having the time of their lives–on a boat just 18 feet long!) The very cool thing about this book it that it has three different authors, all of them highly experienced cruising parents, plus they have elicited opinions and information from many dozens of other cruisers, including a big bunch of cruising kids who have since grown into adulthood.

In addition to covering all the fundamental aspects of this subject, Voyaging With Kids does an excellent job of simply inspiring you. It vividly depicts all the positive and fun aspects of cruising with children, but also is realistic about the many challenges. Plus it’s very comprehensive. Modern even. At the back of the book you’ll find an extremely useful appendix filled with print and digital references on all the topics covered in the main text, plus online there is a dedicated website where you can access relevant videos.

Bottom line: if you’re thinking of going on a bluewater cruise with your kids, you need this book! Even if you’re already out there, you’ll probably find it useful.

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On a personal note, too, I have to say I am very encouraged by how well produced this book is. Great photos and lay-out, all on really nice paper stock. In age when print is increasingly slighted, disparaged, and degraded, it is heartening to see a book like this. Lin Pardey has been publishing her own books for some time now, and it’s great that she is branching out and working with other deserving writers.

The book is on sale right now, so this is definitely the time to click over yonder and order a copy. If you want some more deep background, check out this post by my SAILfeed compadre Behan Gifford, who is also one of the authors.

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  1. Todd

    This book is fantastic! It was probably one of the main drivers behind us deciding that we could actually go cruising as a family. We were starting to think that we missed the window to cruise before we had kids, and now we would have to wait until the kids were off to college. But, following this read, we made a four year plan and hope to move aboard when the kids are 7 & 9. We even made a blog to start documenting the process: http://www.sailingrewind.com.

  2. Behan

    This is awesome, Charlie, thank you so much! I feel grateful to have been part of the team with two really terrific co-authors. Tim made it beautiful and Lin knew this level of production quality was important. It’s a labor of love for me, one I hope sends many other families down the path to cruising.

  3. Lin Pardey

    I have so enjoyed getting to know the children we met when we were out cruising. wanted to encourage more families to make the break. Todds comment shows I have helped keep the ball rolling. But of course couldn’t have done anything without three very good authors starting the ball on its way.

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