CALLING ALL VIKINGS: Volunteer Crew Needed for Transatlantic Voyage on a 115-Foot Longship

Harald under sail

Man, if I were younger (and childless) I’d be all over this opportunity like a fly on excrement. Draken Harald Hårfagre (that’s “Dragon Harald Fairhair” in English) is a modern interpretation (rather than an accurate replica) of an old Viking longship that was built in Haugesund, Norway, and launched in 2012. In May next year she will set out on a voyage from Norway to Newfoundland via Iceland and Greenland, and the project organizers have just announced they are accepting applications for volunteer crew. You need at least two months of free time to do it and presumably should have some sort of useful skill to boost your chances of being selected.

Conditions aboard look to be very Spartan by modern standards, with no shelter except for a tent on deck, but by traditional Viking standards it should be a veritable luxury cruise. The ship does have an engine, so you probably won’t have to do too much rowing, plus a modern stove and toilet. I’m also assuming you can wear modern clothing and foul-weather gear (see photo up top).

Harald profile

Harald in profile. The name honors an old Viking king, the first to unite Norway. You can see the tent amidships behind the mast. At 115 feet this is the largest Viking ship ever built in modern times. Beam is 27 feet. She displaces 80 tons and carries 3,200 sq.ft. of sail. Longships like this were vessels of war, used on those famous Viking raids

Harald building

Harald under construction

Sailing again

Under sail, showing cross beams used to brace the clew of the square sail to windward

To get a clear idea what it’s like sailing this thing, you can check out this great viddy:

This ship has been sea-trialed, as the viddy makes clear. Reportedly she has hit speeds of 14 knots. What most impresses me is the historically accurate side-slung steering oar (the English nautical term “starboard” actually comes from old Norse and originally referred to the steering side of a ship). Think of the huge loads on that thing when the ship is sailing at speed!

Evidently she was also dismasted on her shakedown sail across the North Sea to Britain, an event that for some reason was left out of the video.

The expedition organizers are painting this voyage as a recreation of the Viking voyages of discovery, but this is a bit disingenuous. Vikings never sailed from Norway to Newfoundland all in one voyage, and they did not do it in big longships. Instead Leif Ericksson, who is usually credited as the first to reach Newfoundland, sailed from an established Viking settlement in Greenland (which had been founded by his father) in a much smaller trading vessel known as a knarr. And lest we forget, the Viking voyages of discovery that led to the settling of Iceland and Greenland in the first place were in fact desperate voyages of exile made by convicted murderers who had been banished from the homeland. Modern historians believe all or most of these voyages were made in knarrs.

The best and most accessible account of the voyages in question that I’ve ever read is Westviking: The Ancient Norse in Greenland and North America by Farley Mowat (better known as the author of The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be and The Boat That Wouldn’t Float). Mowat combined a very close reading of the old Norse sagas and his own vast experience sailing around Newfoundland and in the Labrador Sea to produce what seems to be a very reasonable chronology. He reckoned voyages between Greenland and Baffin Island, north of Labrador, were fairly routine prior to the discovery of Newfoundland and that Newfoundland in fact was first blundered upon by accident by one Bjarni Herjolfsson, who got blown badly off course trying to sail from Iceland to Greenland. Herjolfsson did not go ashore, however, and later described his voyage to Ericksson, who followed in his wake.

Mowat speculated that Ericksson’s deliberate voyage to Newfoundland landed him in the southern part of the island, at a place now called Tickle Cove. He got rich bringing the lumber he harvested there back to Greenland (hence his nickname, Leif the Lucky), and it was others trying to repeat his trick who voyaged to northern Newfoundland where the L’Anse aux Meadows settlement has since been found.

I also feel constrained to point out that an old friend of mine, W. Hodding Carter, mounted a much more historically accurate recreation of Leif Ericksson’s voyage back in the late 1990s, which is recounted in his epic book A Viking Voyage: In Which an Unlikely Crew of Adventurers Attempts an Epic Journey to the New World. Hodding built an accurate replica of a knarr (with no engine and no modern stove or toilet) and sailed it from Greenland to Newfoundland wearing nothing but traditional Viking garb. A damp experience indeed. It took two attempts, as he had his crew had endless problems with their steering oar.

Some may also recall that I mentioned Hodding in a previous (somewhat controversial) post discussing Herb Hilgenberg, the well-known volunteer weather-router.

UPDATE: Hokey smokes! This post has gone nuclear. All you people who want to volunteer: you can’t do it here! Follow this link here to fill out an application. Thanks!

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248 Responses
  1. R. Bartlett

    Having spent many a day in Lanse Aux Medows with the damp cold wind and rain lashing in from the north east, all the way from Greenland unimpeded by the North Atlantic. I wondered what in the name of heavens inspired the Vikings to settle here? Then on a business trip to Norway one year and having been told that a large number of the seafaring crowd came from the communities just outside of Stravangar. I decided to do a little exploring myself. As I drove over the peninsula and crested the hill, there before me lay the the little town of Vista .. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end .. I could have been looking out the bay three thousand miles to the the west at Lanse Aux Medows !

  2. Nick Kats

    Really cool Charles. She’s like a vast surfboard. Bet she averages 200 NM/day, will hit 250 often. 4 days Norway to Iceland, 3 Iceland to Greenland, etc. You should go. Be like nothing you have ever experienced, and be far more interesting than anything you have ever sailed on. Be a great article for Sail USA.

  3. Vladimir Matev

    I want to sign up ….one Atlantic crossing on my own vessel ….experienced skipper
    15000 miles as a skipper and a cook. Work for food. Please contact me

  4. T. E. Holmes

    My family can trace our ancestry to the Norse Jarls & Kings of Norway, Orkney, Isle of Man, & Denmark. My paternal 31st great-grandfather is Harald Hårfagre (Harald Fairhair) — of course I filled out the application! 😉

  5. Iron

    Why no rowing……… Why??? 1 its good for you and your arms would look okay by the time you got back unless you have muscle then you’d enjoy the rowing and get a good work out and look even better

  6. Robert Squires

    Is it closed? I’m an hotorian who works labour for a living. I have studies this era, and sailing as well. I am strong and full of guts. Take me and you will fare so well!

  7. Brian O'Dwyer

    I have a Yachtmaster and am good with engines and Wood!.. and wharps/lines/halyards! I have sailed (and delivered sail Boats) for 40 years.(Northern Waters and Med)., in 2015 I sailed (a delivery) from Crete to Southampton (via Gibraltar) on a Malo..3000 miles. I am versatile..and available..! ( Bon Voyage! Brian

  8. Vasile Szekely

    I would like to participate in our adventure to film and photograph every moment.

  9. Tom Harding

    With a Viking surname, Harding, and a Viking heart, plus 20+ years experience in square riggers ( including several circumnavigation so far the North Atlantic) may I propose myself to be included as your, probably) oldest crew member. Hard weather is my favoured weather and weevils were, more than once, my staple food. Count me in — PLEASE…

  10. Giulio Bombarda

    How do we sign up? i’m Italian, with just some experience in sailing but a huge love for adventure and blood already boiling at the idea! Also i’m quite a decent cook 😉

  11. Joel

    This is a dream come true!

    I’ve got 4 years yachting experience as full time crew, I’m also a carpenter!
    I’m a team player and get on with everyone!

    Please consider me for this amazing opportunity!

  12. Rico Daniels

    Would love to do this as I have Orkney vikings on my fathers side and Northumbrian vikings on my mothers but i fear arthritis has caught up with me at 63

  13. Thomas claudius

    I be happy to join you , Thomas From Norway and the viking Town Og Sarpsborg Former Borg an old viking settelment Olaf den hellige Founded the city in 1016 ! I join i a hart beat !!

  14. Margaret Dickson

    pick me for shore crew, im a grad from MMT and working out of boston

  15. Draken Expedition America

    pick me for shore crew, im a grad from MMT and working out of boston

    That would be great! check your email.

  16. Irma Joustra

    When a where ? i have 30 years sailing experience In races and with guests .Ten years as a skipper on a engineless 15 meter .

  17. Charlie

    Wow! Great response here. Harald will have a crack crew in no time. All of you raising your hands to join, I hope you do understand I’m not picking crew. Click on the link in the post to fill out an application! Thanks!

  18. Ellis Hagger

    Just rowed an open boat 1503 miles around the UK Coastline (it took three months!) Would love to be considered! What an event!! Ellis Hagger

  19. Daniel McLellan

    Wow, this sounds intense, I have lots of steam time but not much sail time, and I would love to be considered, good luck regardless 😀

  20. Mel Morrison

    I am 50 % Norweagen. My mother is from Bergin and has lived in the USA since whe was 18. She is 82 now. I have spent one week in Bergin visiting my relatives a few years ago. I am an engineer and can take two months for this voyage. I am 6’1″ tall weigh 175 lbs and in excellent shape. I have a great work ethic and fun person to hang out with. I make everybody laugh, without telling jokes, just talking about my life experiences. It would be interesting once in a life time experience for me.

  21. Charlie Obert

    When and where do we set sail? I have Swedish and Scottish ancestors, am retired and have a very flexible schedule but could not see the itinerary in the above article and… would rather not do this in winter or hurricane season.

  22. Dane K Heald

    My name is Dane (that should be enough eh?) lol 4 times Trans-atlantic xings
    2 as skipper. Owned a wooden 1918 62ft Baltic trader .and a wooden 1935 52 ft Looe lugger. Presently own n sail a 55ft plastic boat.
    Lived in the Caribe for 4yrs and then 2yrs more recently . Survived 3 hurricanes been shipwrecked .once .My trade is Marine Canvas covermaker and sail repairs (20 yrs)
    Im a good humoured 58 yr old Yorkshire /Englishman. and AVAILABLE ..!!

  23. Patrick Nash

    Patrick Nash. Lead singer of Irish Rock band The Nash Brothers. Have taking most of my lyrical inspiration from the Hardanger fjord and time at sea working with offshore weather forecasting in Norway, Ireland and Patagonia. Offshore Qualifications all valid until 2017. I Would love the opportunity to write a song about this voyage.

  24. Judy Hill

    absolutely no sailing experience at all, but the daughter of a US WWII sub vet. but I can cook anything anywhere, and I have sea legs!!!

  25. James Naylor

    i have no sailing experience,only serving on ship with Royal Marines,would love the opportunity to be part of this!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Lainn Goddard

    8 years navy, and Asatru in religion. This would be a very joyous event in my life, and with all that has happened to me recently, bring a homeless military Vet at present, this would be awesome

  27. Frans Bedford-Visser

    A qualified safety boat handler, I have sea legs, but no sailing expertise whatsoever. However, willing to learn and happy to be part of a team! Pick me!

  28. Anders Björkman

    Hallo, sounds like a Great Adventure, hopefully tracking the Trail of Christopher rather than Harald, considering the Tent accommodations, have crossed the Atlantic, S-W-E-N in both directions, not sure how many times, defiantly worth it, each Crossing. Skip Lerwick, Nuuk, Sydney and New F. and Quebec, too Many people trying to enter there these days anyway. Cape Verde > Barbados 13.01!

  29. Patrick Verde

    This really sounds ecxiting. I am a 66 (going on 67) year old sailor. From education I am a kind of Psychologist (learning and social pychology), but in real life I have been a businessman for 25 years and the rest of the time an university teacher. As a Sailor I call myself an all round practical guy and can be used for most jobs. Still fysically fit. My experience is 55years of skippering all kinds of sailing boats from 8ft to 76ft. I hold some papers (Fritidsbåt skipper without limitations – maks 50 tons – and Yachtmaster Off shore) that could tell something if you believe papers. In reality I have never done a big ocean – though I have sailed offshore from Norway to the Med, crossed the North Sea, the Skagerak and the Baltic a number of times I would still mainly call me an experienced coastal sailor. I have skippered a 12 crew 1 ton IOR racing boat for some years (so I have some teamexperience), but mostly I have been a family and friends and most of all a lone sailor. The closest I could get this adventure would be that I have sailed a “Fembøring” over Vestfjorden (Southside of Lofoten) a couple of times as deck hand. At the moment I am on my boat (a 40 ft C-spirit/Samson marines) in the Med. I can go any time and I would be excited if I was invited. If you believe in the good things that can come of variation in age, sign me in and I am in. If this is the wrong place for sending an application – please tell me were to send it.

    Regards Patrick

  30. Fredrika

    Please can i come.. ill be the best tea master & su chef….seriously. and hugs are free. and im full viking blood line..sounds ace..what a boat.. 🙂

  31. Glenn

    Well I`m in. I`m a 42 year old beer drinking carnivore , 2 meter, 110 kg Norwegian with no regard of my own safety. I`ll take a shot at it….. if I`m not a viking……..

  32. Chris Chandler

    I can cook,clean, rough it without complaining and would look on this as the adventure of a lifetime. I’m good at being the ‘middle’ person, calming things down if the heat is on. 49 Years old woman who wants to start living.

  33. William Schineider Rabelo

    My name is William, I am from Curitiba (South of Brazil) and I am in the last semester of Civil Engineering. I am 25 years old and I don’t have experience in open ocean at all, but I am very excited to join the crew! I consider myself fit to face this adventure!

  34. Robert Guildford

    My name is Robert from Åland Island Im active all summer traveling from market to market around Sweden and I’ve sailed twice with our own longship and this is seriously and opportunity of a lifetime I would give almost anything to go on this!

  35. Sergei

    My name is Sergei, 21 years old. I am Russian living in Luxembourg. I am about 2m tall and 100kg. I am university student and I play basketball. I have no experience in sailing at Open Ocean, but I would really love to join this crew. Two main points why I want to join this expedition are because I love Vikings and I always want to experience how they lived, and sailed during their time. Especially I was always fascinated by Thor Heyerdahl books about Kon-Tiki and Ra & Ra II expeditions and I would like to do something like this useful for the our world. Finally, it is something exiting and interesting to do during summer, meet other people and learn how the Viking sailed in the past. I know I do not have proper experience, but I am a fast learner, also I would say that I am quit cold resistant +7 is my favourite temperature.

  36. Anouk

    No experience with sailing or living on a boat. But love boats! and excited if i would be a part of this 🙂 Free in summer. preferably june or after september

  37. Pete Hanson

    Run my own marine business, singlehanded, 50 yrs old, sailing and powerboating since the age of 6. Hell this would be a great adventure in the footsteps of Leif Erikson, Count me in!

  38. Catherine Hogue

    Passion for sailing, did my permits, I’m more than into this fabulous adventure. Canadian of 42 years old, top shape and also worked for 3 years on ships.

  39. Salah Boukottaya

    Hi, I would like to volunteer myself please. I look like a Viking, I love sailing and new experiences. My most recent adventure was an appearance on Ninja warrior UK TV show. I’m in very good health and have a passion for adventure.

  40. Danny Verno Smith

    this sounds amazing!!! what a fabulous opportunity! surely every boat needs a happy go lucky artist….if for no other reason than to feed the fishes with when the others have a moment 😀 vikings history adventure intrigue and a chance to meet some new people what could be better….wonderful idea guys…..

  41. Paul Atkinson

    Would like to be part of the fantastic opportunity, i have 31 years Sailing experience and 15 years racing for the British Army on 21ft to 34.7ft with the Army in Kiel Germany and the UK off shore racing with JOG, i am also Medical trained and a class 2 automotive engineer, plus a good cook on boat’s

  42. norman aitchison

    The trip of a lifetime I have dremp of doing this since I was a we lad when I was out with my grandad on the sconish out of port of ness . I am a fisherman 47years old sine me up please[size=16px][/size]

  43. Annmarie

    You need a cook to feed the crew. Well you will need me then. Ask any of my mates you won’t go hungry with me cooking for you. Plus I am a qualified first aider.

  44. Tommy Christensen

    If you need a chef and first aid man ^^ i am up for the challenge ! Also been inn the Norwegian marine and sailed for 1 year so know my qualites 🙂

  45. Heidi

    Hi, I love the sea and the rollicking motion of the boat in the waves. But I need strong men to protect me. I am great cook, love to sing and can look after strong men. Please I come with you. Heidi

  46. ClAmberceltica

    Viking maid I’ve 4000 sea miles been in storm strong careing brave funny got woodwork skills made iron nails for Viking ship at Falmouth maritime museum seeking Viking voyage you must give me some thought.. Look forward to hearing from you and seaing you soon! Fair winds for harald[s][/s]>

  47. Norman Murburg

    Age 60, 6’6″ 260lbs, wide backed oarsman, high IQ, great shape, Shipyard worker and dock hand before getting undergraduate degree from Princeton, Swedish – Germanic stock.

  48. Kristian Hansson

    I have driven boats since I was 9 on the swedish westcoast and now I am 26. I feel I’m most capable for this adventure and would love to work on board this ship.

  49. Thor Olaf

    43. Sailing and racing sailboats since 6 yrs old. Fastnet. Transat. Ocean crossings from Europe to Iceland. Mean cook. 6’3″ foredeck monkey. Strong as an ox. Fit. Can hold my own in a Force 10, barfights and Scrabble. Icelandic, like all true vikings. Let’s do this!

  50. Barnaby

    Hello, I’m a professional brewer of 21 years. Originally from South Africa grew up in Texas. I studied history and literature. I even wrote a paper on Icelandic law codes from the Viking age. I’m quite interested in this voyage. I can cook and handle quite a bit of a hard time. 8 years in the US marine core. Im an artist covered head to toe in tattoos. I really think my eye to history, a grave desire to do something historically important and work ethic will be a boon for the journey. It would be amazing to work hard and record the journey via art.

  51. Barbarossa

    No experience. No skills. Weak stomach. Weak back. Soft hands. Dislike cold & wet. Prefer strongly-worded letters to fisticuffs. Always imagined I was Norse. Pick me, pick me, pick me.

  52. Brian Richard

    Where do I sign? I’m from the Shetland islands, love being on the sea, love kayaking and sailing, and also have my CAA radio ticket. Also have a beard.

  53. Cullen Wood

    Will swab deck and would row if there were benches and oars. Will accept pay for shitkicker work in mead or an airplane ticket to Norway, can legally drink in some countries. Will help with boat maintenance if shown what to do. 20 years old, unemployed, not enough money for a flight to Norway to board so would appreciate a lift.

  54. Colby Smith

    Hi, I’m an 8 year volunteer with the Los Angeles Maritime Institute. I teach sail training to our new volunteers, as well as run the youth crew sail training program. I’ve sailed on Pride of Baltimore II (a topsail Schooner) as well as helped with up rigging in 2014. I crewed on Tenacious for three weeks, and will be crewing in Lord Nelson as a bosuns mate in Feb. 2016 for three weeks.

    I have just completed my US Coast Guard STCW certification and moving on with my LifeBoat training next week. let me know where to send my sailing resume and more details of the sail. I’m free to sail anytime!

  55. Mattias

    you might all have, better refrences, be smarter then me, look prettier. but im the only one of you that has ever actually sailed a 100′ viking ship before and it wasnt this one… im gonna come in handy. 🙂

  56. Gabriel Ecklund

    I was genuinely interested until I found out about the motor… If I want to do something I want to do it… not some half ass attempt at a Viking cruise….

  57. Yona

    Hi, I’m an 8 year volunteer with the Los Angeles Maritime Institute. I teach sail training to our new volunteers, as well as run the youth crew sail training program. I’ve sailed on Pride of Baltimore II (a topsail Schooner) as well as helped with up rigging in 2014. I crewed on Tenacious for three weeks, and will be crewing in Lord Nelson as a bosuns mate in Feb. 2016 for three weeks.

    I have just completed my US Coast Guard STCW certification and moving on with my LifeBoat training next week. let me know where to send my sailing resume and more details of the sail. I’m free to sail anytime!

    The link is in the article

  58. Connie Viglundsdottir

    I am A Viking in Heart and Heritage but too old. Wishing you all the very best, soft winds and smooth sailing. Bless.

  59. Edita

    Very interested in participating. I live in Dubai. What are the criteria? 8 never sailed but always aspired to learn, im fit and strong and willing.

  60. DC James

    Utrolig opplevelse! Søknad er i med fingrene krysset! Praying for å være en skotsk kanadisk sjømann til å gå av skipet i Newfoundland og min hjemmebane.

  61. Ron McCabe

    I’d very much like to be part of your adventure. I’ve sailed my one vessel more than 25,000 miles from San Francisco, CA to South America through the Panama Canal. I will need to brush up, but I am a certified celestial navigator. I am a novelist, now making wine in Mexico. Please invite me to be a part of your crew. I will be a very positive addition to your adventure.

  62. viking Catherine B

    HI! I wake up in good mood EVERY day, whatever sun or shitty weather, snoring neighbour, bad dinner, whether we lost compass, captain, ship. I will do ALL your papers: ports requests, registrations, health insurance, visas, food inspection records, vaccination register, inventories, to-do lists, you name it. Am a corporate legal cleanlady, ready to be ship legal cleanlady. Catherine, down-to-vessel companion

  63. Peter Richardson

    Ièm in, captain and owner of a tour boat company with sailing experience and 10-15 day transits on deck, limited engineers ticket, radio operators. MED-A1, 60 ton masters limited

  64. Dave McCrae

    I’ve been everywhere, I’ve done everything. I’m the only he** my mama ever raised. And I’m a law student in case we run into trouble. 🙂

  65. Thor Saum

    I Have have a ten pound heart and a hammer of the likes of which cannot be compared. I am of Norwegian decent and am a product of Alaska, born and raised. NEED ADVENTURE. TAKE ME WITH YOU!

  66. Micheal O' Raghaill

    I don’t need to go but would like to go and I am sure you need me for my skill level and ability to deal with any and all problems, modest too

  67. Magnus Johannsson

    I am 23rd decedent of Snorri Sturluson and 100% Icelandic. I can translate Icelandic to English to icelandic. My family was born on the sea and I would l I ve an opportunity to be part of history.

  68. Jay

    I would like to volunteer!! I am self employed so time off isn’t an issue. I’ve been boating on the Atlantic for 15 years both sail and power. I currently own a 32′ express cruiser and regularly navigate the coast of Maine. I am proficient in all aspects of boating and navigation and I am a very mechanically minded person. I would be a great choice for your crew. Thank you!

  69. Lukas

    Hello! I am a 16year old student from Lithuania, i would just LOVE to go on this sailing jurney! I just Love sailing, winds, high sea, and I have an excelent imagination, which would solve anything, so I just keep waiting for your letter…

  70. Petter Berglind

    I learned to row while my gran set out the nets. In the summer I was sailing with my father and I joined the Royal navy at the age of 16. It was not allowed to take licens for scuba-diving until the age of 18, but I got it 14 years old. I´m almost to familiar with spartan circumstances, even at Sparta Greece where I worked picking oranges a cold winter. A blizzard stopped all buses and trains that winter. Being from Sweden this was my harshest winter ever. Participated in making oak planks for a vessel in Fotevikens Viking village, Skåne Sweden. It was obvious I would never travel anywhere with that vessel:( As help worker I have worked several seasons on archeological sites in Sweden. I´m a man with lots of useless skills waiting for a chance to be useful. I´d leave anytime for an adventure.

  71. Harald O.

    I’d like to volunteer!
    My sailing experience stems from Christian Radich of Norway and a Little Merchant ship. I was once a registered “jungmann”. Borne 01.02.1946 and reasonably fit, with a positive attitude to life. Retired bush-, agricultural and airline pilot.
    Although I claim it, no relationship is confirmed either to the now living King of Norway or his (or mine), ancestors! 🙂
    Harald (Olsen)
    Aavenget 28 Langelund
    DK-7323 Give, Denmark

  72. Vincent Francis Ryszka

    Hi I am a Film maker camera man. Worked with some big guys. I am English, but have family in San Francisco (Sausalito). I have helped out with the Educational Tallship program on the education side and volunteered for many art educational festival. I am a QTS Teacher of Art and Design. I have a educational Masters. I am a young looking 51 and willing. I have travelled most of the world on a motorbike with a SLR. I would love to work and recored the journey for the experience.

  73. Manuel Schröder

    *-* iam intrested in this kind of journey iam an carpenter and 25 years old from germany but i got no sailing experience and iam in the middle of a new apprenticeship as wood technican but maybe i will get an second chance for it the next time

  74. Thor Fenwick

    100% interested, 28 years old sailed professionally for one year in the Caribbean, would love love love to be a member of your crew. 6’7 280 ibs of Norwegian heritage.

  75. James Lingwood

    although i’m getting on in years , i have been fishing off Norfolk UK for 20 years in my own boat , single handed . Fully ticketed and now following Runes with interest .

  76. Chris Derum

    My Grandfather was born in Trondheim, Norway and was a fisherman in Astoria, Oregon. Every year he would take his boat from there to the Bering Sea to fish. I never went with him there but I did work on a boat for three summers. We went over the Columbia River Bar every day. I worked on the same boat with the same skipper for those years where I learned the importance of listening and following directions and it became a habit. I would appreciate the chance to talk with the captain of this wonderful boat. I would be a useful member of his crew. Best regards and may your voyage be an epic.

  77. Keith

    Hi, I’m 48 years old, a former Royal Marine Commando. 8 years’ ago I bought an old ketch and took my wife and 2 children away. We lived aboard for 2 years and covered 8,000 miles. I’m now a self employed carpenter. Can offer practical skills and lots more!

  78. Emmanuel-the-Walker

    I wish to be enrolled as a member of the crew. I am a French lawyer graduated in Old customary Norman Law and currently leading a set of searches about the Roles d’Oleron and their origins. My thesis is that the Northmen’s maritime heritage is the main source for the core rules of this maritime medieval code. However my hypothesis need to be tested through a real maritime sail onboard of a Snakkr/Kogg…
    Should you be interested by these elements, you are welcome to contact me at
    Beste Hilsen

  79. tim tunley

    I would love to do it. I work for mission to seafarers in Scotland as a Chaplain. I hae no practical skills and would be a complete liability. When can I start?

  80. Dawn

    My husband and I would love to do this; he is a master plumber, Kayak builder, and I am a nurse. I am recovering from cancer (all healthy!!) and am trying to appreciate the gift of being well by living and doing cool stuff; my nick-name was always “Viking Girl” b/c of how strong I am-Please! This would such a cool way to celebrate being better!!!!

  81. tim tunley

    I work as a Chaplian for Mission to Seafarers. I have no practical experience and would be a complete liability. I am 54 and probably to old. Iwas once vicar of a church that was raiaded by Vikings. Also always liked red headed women. When can I start?

  82. Brian Playbird

    4th generation No Daker out of Trondheim. We are the ones that moved south to find a colder place. Can row for days, read the signs, make you laugh, play guitar, and go Berserk on command on a moments notice. Spear, bow and arrow, and axe would be my favs incase we go “shopping” as they say. All in good spirit and all in good fun, I’m 48 but have be accused of being 46. I look the part, fear Odin and the sea. It would be a dream for a prairie viking. Please pick me.

  83. stephentabs

    please don’t call a video a “viddy”. unlike the boat itself, the adoption of this practice would make the world a sigificantly more awful place

  84. Joshua Hudson

    I would definitely do this if invited. While I was in the Navy 20 years, I am not stranger to the ocean, but I have never sailed beyond on a lake with a sunfish. But it would be the challenge. I have an avocation for history and an historical adventure would be an opportunity of a lifetime. I have the maturity and endurance to make the voyage, and some other skills to share.

  85. Al Smith

    I don’t know how to swim and am afraid of the cold. But my ancestors came from Sweden and my spirits up for the challenge. I write poetry and every good Viking ship needs a bard to chronicle the tale.

  86. Michael Durkin

    I am a former Marine Sgt. , 10 years as a union ironworker out of Seattle. My grandmother is from Norway and my grandfathers family is from Ireland. The sea is in my blood and I would love to join your crew.

  87. JC

    I have many building skills to offer but the biggest is my desire to explore!!! This would be a major adventure that I would love to take part in.

  88. Paul Hastad

    I would like to volunteer!! 56,Retired Computer Tech, ❗ I am self employed 6′ 2″ 280 lbs. I am in a need for a good reason to get in good shape. but :twisted::twisted:I have lost 40 lbs this year. I am a Full Blooded Norwegian. being Retired means I have a very flexible schedule., Certified Scuba Diver.

  89. Cad

    Excellent! I would be totally stoked to do this, I think I’d bring a good element to the crew! I’m sociable practical and itd be a lifetime treat, where do I sign up !

  90. Scott

    I love to adventure, I’m a competitive rower and avid boats man! Full blood European, English irish and Norwegian, nothing more would I love to do then this

  91. Kat Len

    Correction: Viking sailors wouldn’t row themselves, we had Russian slaves for that (“russ” meaning ‘men who row’ in Norse languages) hehe…

  92. Nikola

    Correction: Viking sailors wouldn’t row themselves, we had Russian slaves for that (“russ” meaning ‘men who row’ in Norse languages) hehe…

    You dont have an idea what are you talking about, do you? Rus was the name of a nordic tribe, which gave name to Russia when Rurik founded Kievan Rus.

  93. Janet Burns in Mobile AL

    I want to go. Pick me. 72 year old former data analyst in wastewater. I come from a long line of Swedes. I know how to eat and peel potatoes. I passed a rowing class 9 years ago in North Alabama. My asthma doctor says it’s ok to be in cold weather if I keep my mouth and nose covered. Pick me. Last thing on my bucket list.

  94. cale andersson

    Hey there guys!-I’m a swedish talkin’ finn,managing in english too.Been workin’ as a shipbuilder in steel,and with smaller boats in wood.-Belong to the crew of M/aux Alexandra in Finland,and was on the Middle sea on Galeasen Hoppet,Estonian,last summer for a while.I would be thrilled to join your crew,I’ve been doing all kind of creative stuff with my hands,also blacksmithin’.-I got skills to fix things together when needed.-Cheers,cale!

  95. Hızır

    I’m a Turkish buchanee from Smyrna, my lineage goes back to Barbarossa, the legendary Ottoman pirate-commander who ruled the Mediterranean in 16th century. Skillful in rapier, can use bow & arrow with precision, have no family, fine health and hungry for plunder! I wanna join the crew! By the way, what is this ship gonna carry?

  96. Hızır

    I’m a Turkish buchanee from Smyrna, my lineage goes back to Barbarossa, the legendary Ottoman pirate-commander who ruled the Mediterranean in 16th century. Skillful in rapier, can use bow & arrow with precision, have no family, fine health and hungry for plunder! I wanna join the crew! By the way, what is this ship gonna carry?

  97. Mike

    [quote=Kat Len]Correction: Viking sailors wouldn’t row themselves, we had Russian slaves for that (“russ” meaning ‘men who row’ in Norse languages) hehe…

    You dont have an idea what are you talking about, do you? Rus was the name of a nordic tribe, which gave name to Russia when Rurik founded Kievan Rus.[/quote]

    How about you’re both correct?

    “According to the most prevalent theory, the name Rus‍ ’​, like the Finnish name for Sweden (Ruotsi), is derived from an Old Norse term for “the men who row” (rods-) as rowing was the main method of navigating the rivers of Eastern Europe, and that it could be linked to the Swedish coastal area of Roslagen (Rus-law) or Roden, as it was known in earlier times. The name Rus‍ ’​ would then have the same origin as the Finnish and Estonian names for Sweden: Ruotsi and Rootsi.”'_people

  98. Leila Thomsen

    I am a viking from Denmark…love to be on the water. can cook, clean and pull line when needed. Take me you won’t be disappointed

  99. Stephen N. Holt

    I would be interested on this, but I don’t have much experience with this kind of thing. If I could qualify, I’d be interested in joining.

  100. Stephen N. Holt

    If I would be a welcome member to a crew like this, despite lack of experience, feel free to contact me about being a part of this.

  101. William W. Bunting

    Capt. Ready and able. Sounds like you have a crew lined upwelling to prove the strength in men and women of the past and history. I have many years on our Mother Ocean. Reach out if you need references.


    ahoyj im a sailer no children no wife sailed barges and smacks pillot cutters ,skipper of the dutch barge noirt voldmkt ,,references avAILABLE ,,,,,and im up for any adventure ESPECIALY A COLD LONG VIKING HOUL …SOUND GREAT,,,
    ,,i am a fully time served boat builder and a rigger i have my own tools and sea chest and sea safety equipment please email me on

  103. Meelis kukk

    Hello, im estonian deckhand, 7 years on ro-ro pax ships, I have frb and all other papers required to work on a ship, also I have small boat driverlicens language: estonian, English, finnish. This would be great challange and I would love to participate.

  104. John

    I’m scottish, can brew fantastic mead and have a viking beard. I also play guitar and can entertain you lot while we drive our ship to new lands. SKAL

  105. Rafa

    La vérité je doute d’avoir le profil les gars. J’ai pas de compétences maritimes et je parle même pas correctement anglais. Je suis un excellent chercheur documentaliste par contre. Mais vous envoyez un de ces rêves.

  106. Egill Skallagrímsson

    My brother Thorolfr and myself will be crewing a ship bound for Kurland next summer for both trade and raiding.

    For those interested in joining please inqure at my farm at Borg á Mýrum, I will be wintering there until about Midsummer!

  107. Brick George

    Very interested, spent 4 years on a 118ft square topsail schooner, one are crew, one as foretopman and two as exec. Extensive sailing since then. Please let me know if your interested.

  108. Karin Torgersen

    I am 2nd generation British of Norwegian descent – I am Viking. This is my history and my heritage. I would dearly love to be considered so that this is my memory.

  109. David-Ra Vedding

    I’m Norwegian from the north of Norway. If there be needed more hands on deck I’m all in. I see there are allot of interested people however I would be your man. I love the sea and the saulty air. Live for the challenge and the adventure. Also I’m a good cook if that be needed. I will join no questions asked. Best regards David-Ra Vedding.

  110. Yury

    Correction: Viking sailors wouldn’t row themselves, we had Russian slaves for that (“russ” meaning ‘men who row’ in Norse languages) hehe…

  111. Yury

    Can tell at once those pathetic sorts who still believe vikings wore horned helmets)) In those times rowing was considered sacred and even slaves who took up oars and rowed in battle were immediately granted liberty. Had you read the accounts made by Jarl Ottar you’d know that!

  112. Anne Farrell

    Bless you all. I have enjoyed your comments so much I can’t stop smiling. I needed a lift after a new cancer scare. Wish I had a fleet so we all could go a Vikinging and a plundering. It is good to be alive. Fair wind to you all.

  113. Betty Adams

    Seafaring blood, some of it Viking, but hate the cold (that’s why my Grandfather left Denmark). I’ll content myself with Mexican waters.

  114. Ken williams, Master lic.

    You say Hokery smokes. Easy to cure him. When you cast off and get in the current Eastward. and no turning back, dump his cigs over board, so by the time you reach Norway Hokey is cured. It should be law- no smoking on board. This is how I cured myself leaving the Canaries going westward. Watch for icebergs and have a aux. tiller if one breaks. Do celestial Nav. Electronics can get wet on those viking boats. Adequate life rafts and thermal suits for the cold water. learn to eat raw fish . lots of wenches for scullary duty. Fair winds to OSLO, AYE MATTY, ken

  115. Honi

    I speak many languages and can serve as interpreter (English, Danish, Norwegian, French, Swedish, Spanish). I am descended from Danish vikings and have crewed aboard modern sailing vessels in competition and on longer coastal voyages. I have completed multiple courses on sailing and also have certification to operate a motorized vessel. I have long blond hair that can be worn plaited and I will speak Danish as needed. I have seen all episodes of The Vikings so I have an idea of the conditions of combat and viking life. I have various sundry skills and can navigate, cook, fix things, sew, negotiate with enemy, steer, row, fish, swim, read, write. I have shot a bow and arrow. I enjoy adventure, nature and the outdoors, meeting new people from different backgrounds, and seeing new places. Upon selection, I will enthusiastically commence combat training.

  116. Tore Schanke

    Om dere trenger min kompetanse, kan vi finne det ut. Jeg har bare seilererfaring fra Saga Oseberg båtlag, men har mange andre ferdigheter også

  117. Mike

    “Evidently she was also dismasted on her shakedown sail across the North Sea to Britain, an event that for some reason was left out of the video.” So, if you like engines on old ships, toilets and no rowing required, this is for you. Shame really

  118. Matteo Contri

    What a pity you don’t need more people in your crew. I wish you a good and safe trip or as we, italian sailers, use to say Buon Vento (good wind)!!!!!

  119. Jóhannes

    Historically a “langskip” (longship) are believed to only having been used for costal and river sailing, where as a “knörr” (knarr) had a higher freeboard, wider, had a deck and was heavier than a langskip, and were wholly better suited for various “excursions” over the great pond. I Hope that this minor detail will not deter these intrepid explorers from this truely terrific endeavour.

  120. Martin Goodman

    Shipwright, carpenter, rigger, smith, block maker, sailor, cook, musician, photographer, humanist, multilingual, climber, artist, and yes available.
    Presently rebuilding a 105 year old Shetlands clinker lugger in UK.

  121. James

    I will keep my message simple, is this trip for real, If your for real, count me in,, But looking at the mount of people interested.. I would be doubtful you will reply back. My skills flexible and also ways open to exploring my inner abilities.

  122. Gary Thorsen

    Gary Thorsen It does sound like a Viking’s Dream to be selected and as many of you already stated, it will be miserable, damp, cold and very mentally challenging in an open vessel. I do hope my sons Eric, Leif and Clifford apply.

  123. Stephen J Corley

    To Whom it May Concern ,Good Morning my name is Stephen J Corley from Dublin Ireland I am US Merchant Marine (Able Seaman ) middle aged ,Fit able and Ready for a Opportunity like this .Can Follow Direction Easily ,very Adaptable Strong ,Can Do Attitude ,Can Lead or Follow ,We are all Vikings so I am sure it would be Second Nature.Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. Respectfully,Stephen J Corley Tel 561 932 5888,Email .Semper Fi. Ones Back is Vulnerable ,Unless one has a Brother. There are More Things to be thought of by Men than Money Alone. a Tale is but Half Told when only one person tells it.

  124. Juuso Kairajärvi

    Now this is something I’ve been waiting for! I’m a 26 years old guy from Helsinki, Finland, athletic and strong. I served in the Finnish Defense Forces for 9 months as medic, so I have suitable medical skills in my pocket for taking care of the seasick or wounded. Know how to cook with limited equipment and have basic survival skills in cold and foul weather due to sleeping in over -20°C forest for two weeks in military encampment. Blonde long hair with blue / green eyes, a Nordic stereotype. I speak finnish, little swedish and advanced english. I get along with everybody. May Thor smile upon us on this voyage and keep us from harms way! My email:

  125. Eberardo Sanchez

    I¡m Sanchez the Spanish lover and i not will up if the ship not touch a mooring with girls. Not very old, not very young. Talking Spanish, English, French, German, and Eesti keele. Very good mechanic, carpenter, builder, electricina, kitchen chef, and sometimes sailor. May i can support again cross a ocean into this fucked boat with waes of 10 meters. I now the rules of survive in the sea. I accept the normal line of good friends for that long travel- my phone 34 638912203.

  126. Caren

    I would sign up but after years of sailing on the most miserable sea I the world, the Northsea, I moved to the Caribbean and vowed to only sail in nice weather. A two time Dutch national international offshore racing champion, who crossed the Atlantic by sailboat and who is a Viking, last name Oseberg, would be a perfect fit for this task. Unfortunately I am not able to sign up, but will follow the voyage closely. Good luck!!

  127. FRANCES

    I’d love to do this!! I’m a journalist and could document the whole voyage. I’m also a great cook and would happily do the cooking for the crew!!!

  128. jerome

    HARALD fair hair has been traced back to my great grandfather 29 or so.. my grandfather was born in a small stone house that still stands in karmoy

  129. frederickz

    I hope to sail to from Norway to France or England in a longship. I hope this happens someday so I can join. I want to feel the wind on my face and the power of the water.

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