Lobster yacht quarter

My father has been unhospitalized, and I have resumed the aborted Fall Solo Mini-Cruise aboard Lunacy. I found this lobster yacht, provocatively named, in the cove just north of Malaga Island off Sebasco and thought it made an interesting contrast to the one discussed at the end of my post on Bustins Island. I like it much better–it obviously was once a working fishing vessel, but doesn’t pretend to be any longer. The huge barbecue behind the house is a nice touch and makes it clear what the current priorities are.

Lobster yacht profile

Yesterday morning I went ashore and hiked around Malaga, and was struck, as always, by the ghosts that inhabit it.

Malaga beach

Shell midden beach left by the black and mixed-race inhabitants who were evicted by the state

Malaga well

An old well on the north end of the island

Malaga shore

South end of the island, looking over to Sebasco

Malaga trees

And looking south across Casco Bay

In the midst of my walk I found a young filmmaker with a camera, and we talked for a while. He was raised in these parts, though he now lives in San Francisco, and his step-father is descended from one of the “Malagites” that once lived on the island. He, like many others, is now actively engaged in trying to process what happened here.

Malaga chart

A navigational note: the mast on the wreck in the cove north of Malaga is now gone, so you have to guess where the wreck is. This isn’t hard at low tide, but can be challenge when the tide is high

In the afternoon, finally, a whisper of breeze appeared. Normally when sailing in October wind is not in short supply, but this week has been perverse. The warm temperatures are very nice, but I’d rather be chilly and sailing fast. I had hoped to get east of Casco this time out, but I’m not willing to motor much to do it, so I contented myself instead sailing the short distance between Malaga and Quahog Bay in a faint sea breeze.

Gaff rig S. Cross

I found this rather unique boat anchored off the north end of Snow Island, where Dodge Morgan used to live. It looks to be a Southern Cross 31 converted to gaff rig. Very attractive, but I have to believe it would sail better under its original rig.

Snow Is. map

Quahog Bay sunset

I don’t know who owns Snow Island now, but things are busy there. I heard lots of construction noise as I drifted past on the last cat’s paw of the day.

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