2013 AMERICA’S CUP FINALS: Race 13… on Friday

AC34 Race 13

Light wind yesterday… and for the first time we saw the big black cats flying gennakers, or Code Zeros, or screechers, or whatever the hell you want to call them. And Oracle had trouble with theirs… and were way way way behind… and Team New Zealand was less than a mile from the finish… when the race was called as the time limit expired. So they tried again…

By now you can guess how this goes. Or if you can’t… watch the viddy by all means.

The psycho drama continues.

AC Race 13 foul

Lots of jokes on the Intervine today about Divine Interventions. So I won’t make one. We’re racing again today. WX in SanFran right now is rainy with a slight chance of thunderstorms.

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