LV FINALS RACE 1: Busted Board and MOBs


Is this a harbinger of what’s to come? First race yesterday of the Louis Vuitton finals to determine who will challenge Oracle for the America’s Cup and the Italians are crippled straight off with a busted daggerboard. The Kiwis, meanwhile, stuff their bows, lose two guys overboard, yet still finish the race.

They get credit for the win… and I’m wondering: isn’t there a rule about having all your guys onboard at the end???

Guess not.

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3 Responses
  1. Charlie

    @Gareth: Yes, I guess it’s like fitted dinghies… you can throw people overboard to save weight in the end!

    @Don: I have to believe they wouldn’t struggle so much to keep the bows up bearing away if they were allowed to use boards with flaps. Having to cant the whole board to change the attack angle cannot be optimal.

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