bridge clearance

I don’t have any info on when and where this happened, but I’m guessing somewhere in Europe. The boat is a Hallberg-Rassy, I can see that. Whoever is driving is… optimistic, to put it nicely. Afterwards I’m sure he was saying, “Oh, well. We needed a new mast anyway.”

What really blows me away is that the boat following after the first one seems to be gunning just as hard to make it through the closing bridge. Only after he sees the disaster unfolding before him does it occur to him to turn away.

It’s good thing the folks in the Hallberg were not practicing Nigel Calder’s technique of putting a man up the mast to see if there is clearance or not.

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3 Responses
  1. Richard Elder

    Looks like the owner of the older HR 47 that I accompanied on a delivery down the Oregon coast must have gone to Europe and bought a newer model—-. LOL

  2. Nick Kats

    I’m impressed by how strong the forestay is. The mast nearly made it – something gave just as the boat began to rebound. Good engineering.

  3. Jean-Claude

    My friend use Bosch Digital Laser Distance Measurer Model # DLR130K Internet # 202504985 witt success at $80.00 it wort a try and you dont place a skipper at risk on the top of the mast. Slow speed is recommanded when you passe under the bridge.

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