NOSE JOB: Bowsprit Completed

Welding on Lunacy's new sprit

Lunacy‘s new nose is now firmly attached to her face. I went up to Maine Yacht Center a while back to see the surgeon (i.e., the welder) at work and came back feeling a bit worried that maybe all this was an awful mistake. Not that the sprit wouldn’t be functional; just that it would look all wrong. Lunacy isn’t really a pretty boat, but she does have a certain no-nonsense aesthetic. I was afraid in the end her enhanced proboscis would make her look silly somehow.

I finally went back to see the finished job earlier this week and was much relieved. Unfortunately, the lighting in this photo here makes it hard to see her new profile clearly. But I think it looks pretty damn cool. I particularly like the way the line of the sprit flows into Lunacy‘s reverse sheer line.

Lunacy's new profile

Here are some other shots up close, where you can see how the bow pulpit has been cut back and reconfigured to accommodate sails flying forward of the bow:

Lunacy's new sprit

New sprit

New sprit

New sprit

There’s still a bit to do before Lunacy is swimming again. The guys at MYC will be adding some hardware to the sprit, putting new winches on the mast, modifying the masthead a bit, putting on a new wind sensor, and painting the deck in the next week or so. Plus, there’s yet another job that has cropped up. Next week I’ll be putting on a new headsail furler with Scott Alexander from Selden Mast. Seems the bearings on my old Profurl unit are pretty well shot and new parts are no longer available.

That’s how it is in this boat maintenance game: two steps forward, one back. But eventually you do get somewhere.


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7 Responses
  1. Chris

    Lookin’ Waterworld in a good way… go out and t-bone some Smokers man!

    Fits well I think with the boat. Are you sealing off the front end? Does it matter? Small drainholes needed if not?

    Ought to be fun playing with new sail sets/adjustments etc.


  2. Charlie Doane

    Hi Chris: Not sure I know what you mean about sealing off the front end… so I guess it doesn’t matter. Are you talking about an anchor well? charlie

  3. Chris

    Charles, I meant the front end of the sprit which I assume is hollow and beyond being a place where water might collect it probably doesn’t really matter.

  4. Chris

    Oh… nice pulpit modification… looks like plenty of room to work safely wedged in with handy built in belay points.

  5. Charlie Doane

    Aha… now I understand what you’re saying about the front end. I’ll have to think about that. I don’t think much water could get caught in there for very long. But we’ll see!

  6. Charlie Doane

    The plate underneath the sprit has a round rod welded to its leading edge, so it shouldn’t be any more likely to cut through rope than a rod bobstay. I expect some chafe protection will be needed for mooring lines led straight off the bow. Anchor lines, as you can see, run over the rollers ahead of the plate.

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