NOSE JOB: The New Sprit in Wood

Lunacy's mock sprit

Lunacy‘s new bowsprit continues to evolve from concept to reality. I stopped by Maine Yacht Center this past Thursday to check out the latest wooden mock-up and was very pleased with what I saw. This latest iteration, as you can see, incorporates the vertical plate that will support the underside of the structure. (After pondering a bit, I’ve realized the best name for this piece is “bob-plate,” as it does the same job as a bobstay.) We’ve also added the extra foot of unsupported sprit forward of the anchor rollers from which my A-sail will someday fly. I was worried all this would make Lunacy‘s prow look a bit odd, especially given her raked bow, but in fact I think it looks pretty cool.

Lunacy's new sprit in wood

During this visit, while discussing the project with MYC’s Brian Harris and Jeff Stack, I also finally figured out how best to cut back Lunacy‘s massive bow pulpit so that it won’t interfere with sails that are set on the sprit. As always, the simple solution is best. The masking tape in this photo here shows how the reconfigured pulpit will appear from on deck:

Lunacy's new sprit in wood

The only significant change we decided on as far as the sprit itself is concerned is to move the anchor rollers back a bit, ostensibly to reduce side-loading from an anchor rode. I’m not really too worried about this, as I always put a snubber line on the rode that runs straight to a bow cleat. But I think the rollers will look better a little further back, and the anchor will be easier to handle. Plus, of course, it’s better if the weight is more inboard.

Lunacy's new sprit in wood

Lunacy's new sprit in wood

Another thing I’m wondering is whether we should decorate the bob-plate somehow. A small figurehead on the leading edge? Or perhaps an eye emblazoned on the side?

Opinions are welcome.


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2 Responses
  1. Richard_Gard

    I think it looks good!

    an eye will give a Polynesian feel
    a carved mermaid will give a oldey-timey feel
    a directional graphic will give a racing feel
    or, use FRP to fare a smooth line from the present bow to the tip, then paint to look like aluminum…

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