Sailboat sinking in Brisbane flooding

Some spectacular videos of the awful flooding in Brisbane, Australia, have been posted online in the last week. It’s one thing to hear or read about these sorts of catastrophes in the news, but when you watch home videos of what’s going on you get a much more personal view of things. As a cruising sailor, the most compelling video I’ve seen so far is this one here of a liveaboard cruising boat that broke free and sank in the deluge last Thursday. Watch closely and you’ll see there are two men in skiffs tending the vessel who almost get wiped out when it starts tumbling end over end as it goes down.

Here’s another video of the same event. The focus is much better, but the angle’s not as good.

To get a good sense of how powerful these floods have been you should also check out this video (it’s a bit longer, about five minutes total) of a small creek swelling up and taking out a parking lot full of cars.

Cars swept away in Brisbane flooding

As any sailor knows: hell hath no fury like a bunch of water molecules in motion.


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