CHUCK PAINE: Hawking His Big Book

Chuck Paine with his new book

I ran into Chuck Paine at the Newport show last Thursday and bought from him a copy of his new tome, My Yacht Designs and the Lessons They Taught Me. A s soon as I got home, I spent a good hour soaking up the luscious color photos of his more famous boats, as well as several other very interesting ones I wasn’t familiar with. I look forward to spending a lot more time reading it in detail. It seems an entertaining book for anyone interested in modern yachts, but is also exactly what it purports to be. If you want to be a famous yacht designer just like Chuck, you’ll find his advice to you is spelled out in no uncertain terms, in enlarged italicized type colored blue so you can’t miss it. Chuck is many things, but subtle is not one of them (except when laying pen or brush to paper).

If you want to buy a copy, don’t hesitate! Chuck is down to his last 300 or so copies (he only printed 1,000) and isn’t so sure he’ll pony up for another print run. (He decided to self-publish, so he could be certain of making the book as beautiful as it deserves to be.) You can buy it through his website here. The price is a bit steep ($59.95), but it’s worth it, IMHO.

On a more personal note, Chuck seems to be enjoying his retirement. He’s painting lots of pictures, doing a bit of blogging, and is serving as a volunteer ambulance driver in Tenants Harbor, Maine, where he lives. If you’re visiting sometime, just dial 911 if you want to check him out.

PS: One thing Chuck and I discussed was Gusto, a boat he designed some years back that we sailed together soon after her birth. I blogged about her here, and the fact that she is for sale, and marveled at her incredibly low asking price. It is even lower now! The asking price is down by another $100K, to $299K. This for a custom Paine-designed boat Chuck now confesses to me cost about a million to build.

Chuck Paine's Gusto under sail

And, yes, Gusto is prominently featured in Chuck’s book (see pp. 235-38).


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  1. Ian Clark

    Chuck was the Design instructor @ The Landing School, I attended, ’89. I was enrolled in the small boat program, the curriculum included design, Chuck “caulked all the seams” for us in that great detail.

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