FLYING YACHT: Or Is It a Gnat?

Flying Yacht by Yelken Octuri


This thing sure does look a bit bug-like, doesn’t it??? No need to get out the Raid, however. Tis but a figment in the imagination of one Yelken Octuri, a French designer whose day job is color-coordinating plane interiors for Airbus. It would appear he does not find this job entirely fulfilling. In his spare time he seems to have an awful lot of fun coming up with wild and creative conceptual designs for futuristic aircraft. Two of these–the Flying Yacht you see here and a design for a Sailing Aircraft–were featured in an exhibit at the Air and Space Museum in Paris earlier this summer.

According to Octuri’s website, the Flying Yacht design, designated “Seaplane-convertible sailing yacht 8P-sail4M,” was commissioned by Dawood and Hashim Aziz of Masqat Airways. Measuring 150 feet long and flying 14,000 square feet of sail when waterbound, the Flying Yacht boasts a total of six masts. Two are fixed and the other four are articulated. Each of the mobile masts is controlled with a “double-jack system” and is supported by shrouds running to the fixed masts. In flying mode, the sails are furled inside the horizontal airfoil masts.

Flying Yacht by Octuri under sail

Flying Yacht by Octuri in flight

Not surprisingly, Octuri seems to have paid special attention to the interior design.

Flying Yacht by Octuri interior

The Sailing Aircraft, meanwhile, looks very much like a dragonfly. When sailing its rig is quite reminiscent of the venerable Polynesian crabclaw, don’t you think? It would make a fine tender, no doubt, for the Flying Yacht.

Sailing Plane by Octuri in flight

Sailing Plane by Octuri under sail

Polynesian crabclaw rig

As with the Flying Yacht, Octuri has gone to the trouble to create a fictional commissioning owner and builder for the Sailing Aircraft. And for about 30 seconds he had me going on this, until I checked out his Honeymoon Space Shuttle, which was purportedly commissioned by Horny Moon Airlines.

Honeymoon Space Shuttle by Octuri

The design brief includes a description of a mechanism for facilitating copulation in zero gravity.

All of which, I’m afraid to say, reminds me of the 4th grade. They showed us a film from NASA one day and practically promised us we’d be commuting to work with jet packs by the time we were grown up.

Jet Pack

WTF happened to that???


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