VIDEO UPDATE: Whale Falls on Sailboat (Some More)

Boat damaged by whale in Cape Town


I have just spent more than 24 hours during this weekend’s Downeast Challenge (Marblehead to Rockland race) listening to fellow crew and SEMOSA member Charles “May I Cast Off Now?” Lassen explain to me that the now famous whale-jumping-on-boat photo on which I blogged earlier is naught but a clever Photoshop image. Mr. Lassen posits the couple involved somehow negligently damaged their boat themselves (see above) and the fake photo is part of an insurance scam. He claims to have trusted informants in Cape Town researching this theory now.

Many others online have made similar assertions. I therefore look forward to hearing some very creative explanations of how this video of the event was created.

I’ll have a report on the sailboat race as soon as I get done messing around on Lunacy for a few days.

The Saint promo image

Meanwhile, what I’m really wondering about this whale rumpus is: why do Paloma Werner and Ralph Mothes of the Cape Town Sailing Academy have that cool Simon Templar logo all over their boat?

BoaterMouth link: here


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