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I made an offhand offer to sell my old engine back when I wrote up the installation of Lunacy‘s new engine, but now I’m getting serious. I’ll be listing the engine for sale with Trans Atlantic Diesels, Inc., but will happily sell the beast to any interested WaveTrain riders.

The beast in question is a Lister-Petter LPWS4 4-cylinder marine diesel, rated at 40hp @ 3,000 RPM, serial number 4000021LPWS4A-42. It comes with a Hurst transmission, HBW150-2R, serial number 1746267 (not pictured here, but I assure you it does exist). The engine was built in 1991 and has approximately 3,500 hours on it. As I described in my earlier post, I thought the engine had fuel issues, but it turned out it didn’t. It does leak oil and could use a rebuild, but you might be able to put it into service as is.

The engine has a new exhaust manifold, a new fresh-water pump, and a rebuilt raw-water pump installed. I am also holding lots of spare parts, including:

Lots of extra gaskets!

Five fuel injectors! (Yeah, I know. You only see four here, but I found another one after I took the picture.)

A new heat exchanger! (Just the innards.)

Another new fresh-water pump! (Can you believe it??? I bought and installed the other new one before I realized I had this one.)

Lots of fiddly rubber bits!

A new glow plug!

One new fuel-lift pump, plus another used spare one.

In addition, I also have three used alternators, one of which is a nice externally regulated 125-amp Amptech unit, plus a remote oil-filter unit. All this stuff goes with the engine. I’ll be asking $1,300 through TAD, but I’ll sell it to a loyal reader (or even a not-so-loyal one) for $1,000 even.

If interested, drop me a line at charlesdoane[at]


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