The Lunacy Report

MEM-DAY WKEND 2012: First Sail of the Season

Lucy on Lunacy's bow

UNLIKE LAST YEAR, Lunacy's first sail of the season with family aboard involved no humiliations or mishaps. We enjoyed a most excellent daysail in sub-10-knot winds (courtesy of the fabulous screecher, now in its second season) and sailed north off the mooring at Portland Yacht Services up to Chandler Cove, where we enjoyed lunch aboard and a short hike and some beachcombing on the south end of Great Chebeague Island.

Our only problem was with zippers. During our lunch break, both Clare and Lucy professed a need for bandaids, and I discovered the zippers on both the West Marine medical-kit satchels in the head had seized up solid. The only way to open them quickly was with a knife. (Not an ideal scenario when it comes to accessing medical supplies.)

Sailing Lunacy

Sailing on Lunacy

Lunacy at Great Chebeague

A little later, when the clouds came out and things got cooler, I reached into the hanging locker for my trusty Henri Lloyd windbreaker and found all its zippers were likewise frozen solid with corrosion.

Consider this my memo to marine manufacturers everywhere: no more metal zippers, please! This is one application where plastic is definitely superior.

Frozen zipper

Corrosion cures

This morning I am conducting experiments. Which is better for freeing up grotty zippers--WD-40 or Marvel Lubricating Oil???

Later this week I intend to lure the staff from SAIL out on the boat for an overnight. Some will be thrown overboard; others will practice retrieving them. Should be an excellent opportunity to make some changes on the masthead, so stay tuned...



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