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ROCKING AND ROLLING: Annapolis Cadet Confronts Ocean Sailing

Great video here! A midshipman at the naval academy in Annapolis gets sent out on a sailboat offshore for the first time and has a little trouble with the motion. The camera is perfectly stabilized, which creates an interesting effect. Great soundtrack, too. Tip of the hat to my old buddy Elizabeth Wrightson, a.k.a. E-Woman, who is now a flack at the academy, for bringing this masterpiece to my attention.

The scene with the toilet reminds me of a time I went sailing on an ocean passage with a rookie who also had trouble with the motion. Conditions were pretty rough, and the very first time he went off to the head to relieve himself he was in there a long time. Eventually he reappeared and crawled out to the cockpit where the rest of us were hanging out.

Toilet in head

"I just pissed all over everything in there," he announced with a grave expression on his face. "What should I do about it?"

"Clean it up!" we told him. "And next time try sitting down."

JULY 4: It's coming up! I'm going sailing. The blog will probably be dark for a few days.

Meanwhile, I recommend you watch that video several times. I love it!



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