Clare in cockpit

For going on ten years now Clare has each summer broached the idea of cruising down south of Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, as she has never been to those places and so has felt culturally deprived. But she normally can only get a week off work at a time, and I have consistently urged that this makes for a tight schedule when sailing from Portsmouth, or worse from Portland, where Lunacy is normally moored. This year, however, we decided at last to give it a try, emboldened by the fact that we’d been offered a mooring in Wood’s Hole, where we could leave the boat for a while if necessary.

With the help of our prospective boat-buyers, Nico and Amy, I sailed Lunacy down to Portsmouth from Portland the Friday before last, thus deleting 40 miles off the distance Clare and I would have to sail to reach the anointed cruising ground. We set off late the following morning from Pepperell Cove in Kittery, just across the river from Portsmouth, bound for Provincetown, first motorsailing then beating under sail against a contrary southerly breeze that eventually topped up to just over 20 knots.

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RAINMAKER FOR SALE: Used Gunboat 55 On the Block For Just $15K


No kidding! Though she is in rough condition. This is Gunboat 55 hull number one, which was dismasted and abandoned by its owner and crew 200 miles off Cape Hatteras in January 2015. She was spotted and recovered off Bermuda this past March. Now she’s on the hard and is being auctioned off, with the starting bid pegged at $15K. Bids must be received by September 6. Check this link for details.

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LUNACY UPDATE: Prospective Buyers and Poop On the Foredeck

Nav desk

I was surprised, flattered even, when I heard from some of you that you’ve missed my appearances here. And yes, it has been unprecedented, my neglect of WaveTrain of late, but I do have an excuse. I have been pouring my wordsmithing energy into finishing a book I’ve been working on, which should be out in the world sometime next spring. Loyal readers here can do me a YUGE favor and buy the damn thing when it appears (don’t worry I’ll tip you off when it’s time). Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, you really should buy my first book.

It’s summer, too, so I have been messing around a lot on the boat, which also means working on the book on the boat (see image up top). There have been two outings I’ve failed to document here, both of which have involved sailing with Prospective Buyers. (The boat is for sale, remember???)

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2016 ROUND ISLAND REGATTA: Racing In No Wind At All

Melon seeds

This photo right here tells much of the tale of my bid to ascend the podium at this year’s Round Island Regatta (held last Saturday). Note first that I did not succeed in getting daughter Lucy to crew for me in our Melonseed skiff MiMi2 (seen on the right in this image), as she has come to question my abilities as a sailor after we shipped some water in a near-capsize while sailing MiMi2 in strong conditions a few weeks ago. Instead I lured my wife Clare aboard, whose faith in me remains unshaken. Note next there was another Melonseed for us to compete against, sailed by one Mike Driscoll (on the left), and yes, you can see he was barely ahead of us here. And this shot unfortunately was taken just before we crossed the finish line.

As I’ve always said: I’d much rather sail a close race and lose than sail a boring race and win.

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DRAKEN HARALD HARFAGRE: Viking Raid on Great Lakes Repelled by Ruthless Bureaucrats

Vikings at Detroit

Legend has it the first time Vikings came to North America they were driven away by irate natives, called skrælings by the Norse. Now more than 1,000 years later it’s the U.S. Coast Guard who are handling the job, wielding regulations rather than weapons. This time the Viking raiders, who’ve come from Norway on the 115-foot longship Draken Harald Hårfagre, got as far as the Great Lakes (see image up top, which depicts them cruising past Detroit) before they were stopped in their tracks by bureaucrats demanding they pay up to $400-an-hour in pilot fees.

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2016 ROUND ISLAND REGATTA: Tickets On Sale Now!

Lucy and I

The time has come for Lucy and I to wreak our revenge. We were quite competitive in our Melonseed Skiff in last year’s Round Island Regatta (see image up top), but were denied our rightful second-place finish (not that there was a trophy to win or anything) by the incompetent race committee, who sent us round the course four times and our competitors only three. (In spite of this handicap we still finished fourth!) Yes, I know that anarchic management has historically been a hallmark feature of the RIR, but it seems those days are coming to an end. The regatta, now going into its sixth year, is under new management and is being run by the Gundalow Company--people with genuine organizational experience. So this year (I’m hoping) we cannot be denied.

Mark your calendars! This year’s regatta will be held @ 10 a.m. Saturday July 30 on Portsmouth’s Back Channel, per usual, with prizes and partying afterward at the Wentworth Lear house. As in the past there will be one class racing under sail and various other classes racing in kayaks and rowboats. In spite of the enhanced structure it should be a blast. This event has sold out the last few years, so be sure to register now.

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LUNACY IS FOR SALE: Well-Maintained 39-Foot Aluminum Cutter With Recent Engine and Sails Seeks New Owner

Lunacy on dock

For reasons we’ll go into later I’ve decided the time has come to part ways with Lunacy, which I’ve now owned for 10 years. Not exactly an easy decision, as she is a fantastic boat--strong as all get-out, fast, with an easy motion in a seaway. Those of you who follow the blog should know her well. She is a seasoned bluewater cruising boat--her previous owners sailed her around the world, and I’ve sailed her back and forth between New England and the Caribbean four times. For fundamental details you can check out the initial post I wrote about her here on the Lunacy Report, and of course if you study this section of the blog in detail you’ll learn a great deal about how I’ve used her and what sort of upgrades she has enjoyed.

If you don’t feel like doing all that research, here’s the capsule version:

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TANKER MASHES UP SAILBOAT: Fun and Games in the Piscataqua River


Here’s an interesting mishap that took place mere footsteps from my home here in Portsmouth while I was off roaming the Maine coast last week. A 477-foot tanker, Chem Venus, was exiting the Piscataqua River late Wednesday afternoon with two tugs in attendance and missed the turn at Seavey Island, where the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is located. It ran down three sailboats across the river in the Kittery Point Yacht Club mooring field in New Castle and dismasted one of them (see image up top, shot by eyewitness Glenn Kisch). The tanker ran aground on a ledge and was pulled away from the scene by the tugs.

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